Dear Moshi Fan, Roary Scrawl here!

The Moshi Monsters web game will be closing down at midday (GMT) on 13th December 2019.Thank you for joining us on the first part of our monsterific journey and helping us make Moshi Monsters such a splat-tastic online experience!

If you are an existing paid subscriber, your subscription will not auto-renew and will lapse within the next 30 days. Regardless of the date on which your subscription stops, you will be able to access the game and enjoy full subscription benefits until the site closes on 13th December.

If you are a free user, nothing will change until the site closes on 13th December.

In the meantime we want you all to enjoy your final days with us, so enter these one-time use codes at to unlock special Moshi goodies:

  • NOV2019ROX

Don’t fear, there are goopendous new Moshi adventures to be had with our fang-tastic apps, Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories and Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt.

If you would like to join us in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt, be sure to scan these two codes to receive bonus Rox, Monstars and more.